The psychiatrists at Coastal Psychiatric Medical Associates, Inc. are available for medication consultation, medication management, and outpatient psychiatric services for children, adolescents and adults.

Scott Cologne, M.D.
Scott Cologne, M.D.Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Cologne is particularly interested in insomnia, as well as underlying depression and anxiety disorders.  LEARN MORE
Ramin Shahla, M.D.
Ramin Shahla, M.D.Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Shahla’s practice philosophy is helping his patients reach their fullest potential.  LEARN MORE
Preeti Mathur, M.D.
Preeti Mathur, M.D.Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Mathur’s philosophy is to treat her patients in a comprehensive manner and integrate various issues like family dynamics, abuse, relationship problems, physical health, cultural, sexuality, and substance abuse issues.  LEARN MORE
Joseph Mawhinney, M.D.
Joseph Mawhinney, M.D.Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Mawhinney is currently serving on the American Psychiatric Association Assembly Executive Committee and has experience in dealing with most major psychiatric disorders as well as developmental disorders, autism spectrum and Tourette’s disorder.  LEARN MORE
Ann Massion, M.D.
Ann Massion, M.D.Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Massion practices adult psychiatry with a particular interest in mind-body approaches, mindfulness-based stress management, anxiety disorders, and spiritual issues in healing.  LEARN MORE
Steven P. James, M.D.
Steven P. James, M.D.Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. James has an enduring interest in helping patients with mood and sleep complaints. He has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and local television, presented at medical congresses in North America and Europe, and published in scientific journals on the topic of mood and sleep disorders. LEARN MORE
Sheila Cai, M.D., M.S.
Sheila Cai, M.D., M.S.Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist
Dr. Cai currently works with a patient population that ranges from young children to adults. She enjoys collaborating with her colleagues to provide much needed evidence-based treatment to her patients with a focus on making positive changes toward their goals. LEARN MORE

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