Name it, Claim it, Change it

Name it: Anxiety?
“Just a little bit nervous” she said, holding about an inch of space between her thumb and index finger. “just not sleeping as well as I used to do. I used to be able to put my head on the pillow and have a great night sleep, but now… it’s not like […]

Feeling Depressed? Two Key Ways to Improve Your Mood

When people feel depressed, typically simple activities like getting out of bed in the morning can be challenging. Low energy is a common symptom of depression and can lead to avoiding everyday activities because they feel too daunting. Unfortunately, avoiding daily tasks often leads to feeling overwhelmed and guilty, both of which fuel depression.

It […]

Why Get Therapy for Depression?

Depression is an illness that affects millions of people and it can be very successfully treated either by psychotherapy and/or medication. Sometimes it is biological, runs in families and can be genetically based. Some kinds of depressions are caused by grief, stress, environmental or psychological events. The symptoms of major depression have well-developed guidelines […]