Beverly Bernard, LCSW

About Beverly Bernard

Beverly Bernard is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and co-founder of Coastal Psychiatric Medical Associates, Inc.

Couples Counseling

I’m not in love with you anymore.

How do we reconnect?

How do we get over past hurts and anger?

How do we rebuild trust?
Couples therapy helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts of all types to improve their relationship. It is designed to address relationship issues. It can be provided by a psychologist, licensed therapist known as […]

What Really is Asperger’s?

Asperger’s is a type of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). “Asperger Syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger Disorder (AD), is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests” (Wikipedia). Although it is not required for diagnosis, there […]