Coastal Psychiatric Medical Associates invites you to explore your intuitive and creative side through art therapy. Teresa Grame, a Registered Art Therapist with over ten years experience in the field, offers individual, family and group art therapy. Art therapy provides an empowering and safe avenue for individuals of all backgrounds and ages to uncover their strengths and increase self understanding. Art therapy is facilitated by a professional with specialized education in guiding individuals to use a range of art materials for self-expression in a supportive relationship. Individuals with no art experience, as well as those with experience in the arts, often discover an enjoyable avenue of self-discovery which provides a source of insight that adds to the talk therapy experience.

In art therapy, each person’s unique expression is honored. Finding one’s own meaning in art expressions is a rewarding part of the art therapy process. Participants in art therapy have the opportunity to express themselves in paint, drawing, collage, sculpture, creation of crafts and more. Other forms of creative expression, including journaling, music, movement and play are incorporated to enhance the art therapy experience.

Often, words do not fully express one’s emotions and experiences, especially when faced with life changing events. Therapeutic art activities help individuals tap into their intuition and find clarity when addressing life transitions. Through creating art, we transform our stories and create meaning for our lives. Art therapy allows individuals to find solutions to challenges at their own pace. Art therapy has been shown to increase relaxation, reduce stress, and improve mind and body health. Couples, families and groups are helped to communicate and deepen their connection to one another through the creative process.

Children, teens, adults and seniors are often pleasantly surprised by the satisfaction and joy in creating something unique and meaningful. Through art therapy, Teresa has helped children and adults cope with chronic medical illness, heal from traumatic experiences, learn skills to cope with life challenges, and helped those seeking to develop their creative voice. She also integrates art therapy with Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Trauma Focused Cognitive Therapy for children.